Electrochromic Windows

Electrochromic windows, also referred to as smart glass, are windows that have the ability to differ in the amount of light they transmit. In general, smart windows are able to change from transparent to translucent and vice versa. This way, these windows are able to change the amount of light they allow through and even block all the wavelengths from the sun from passing through. There are different technologies of smart windows, ranging from electrochromic, micro-blind, photochromic and even liquid crystal devices. The use of this technology is mainly on buildings and cars in the modern cities.

Why you need electrochromic windows

Here are some of the advantages of the electrochromic windows in comparison to the normal conventional windows;

They save on energy and money

Since the electrochromic windows are able to prevent or block unwanted wavelengths from the sun at a particular time, they help in saving on energy. This is because when a building is fitted with these electrochromic windows, there will be no need for air conditioning systems in the buildings. They also help save on the cost of buying blinders, maintain motorized light screens and even buying curtains. Flipping a switch helps solve all the situations that require you to buy these things.

Preservation of furniture

The use of the electrochromic windows helps in maintain the quality of furniture and fabric in your space. This is because the electrochromic windows have the ability to block up to 99.4% of all the UV rays from the sun. This way, the electrochromic windows help to reduce the fading of the fabric in your space. They also help to reduce the chances of damaging furniture due to the UV rays.

Electrochromic windows ensures comfort

This is because they are easy to use and they help you get better control of your environment. This way, you can easily change the environment to what you desire with much ease. They are also very fast, taking a maximum of 3 seconds, and effective in ensuring you are comfortable with your environment.

The can be used in both buildings and cars

They are very effective in cars especially because they help maintain the color of your fabric. These electrochromic windows are also very efficient because they can get darker than the convectional sunroof by up to 60 times. In addition to that, these windows can also be twice as clear that the normal sunroof.

It helps in conserving the environment

This is because the electrochromic windows do not emit as much carbon emissions into the environment as the normal sunroofs in the market today. This helps in reducing the greenhouse gases in the atmosphere hence conserving the environment.


Electrochromic windows is the way to go whether you need to save money and energy, when you need efficiency and comfort and when you are looking to conserve the environment. When you want to buy electrochromic windows, MH Dimmable Tint is the place to look. This is a company that is involved in installing and distribution of these electrochromic windows. This is because they offer a wide range of electrochromic windows and dimmable windows for you to choose from. They also give you a demo in case you need one before buying the electrochromic windows. They have a team of qualified personnel to ensure that there is no damage to your space throughout the installation process.